B1 Airless Spray Machine 2017-05-20T11:15:46+02:00

The B1 Airless Spray Machine consists of a metal casing, 250mm (9.8 inches) by 200mm (7.8 inches), which is mounted against a wall or pillar.

  • The B1 Airless Spray Machine casing contains a pump, pressure switch and timer.
  • From the bottom of the casing, the emulsion intake tube of about 1m (39 inches), run down into the BlueE900 emulsion container.
  • On the left side of the B1 Airless Spray Machine casing is the ON/OFF/ON switch and on the right side is the bleeding valve and emulsion outlet tube.
  • The outlet tube is about 2.5m (98 inches) long, which will give the user a comfortable reach to coat pans and trays.
  • At the end of the Outlet Tube is the Spray Gun, fitted with a 75° stainless steel Flat Fan Nozzle. Research and testing of various spray tips with different degrees of spray proved that the 75° Flat Fan tip was unbeatable when it came to spraying pans or trays with a handheld spray machine.

How it works

The B1 Airless Spray Machine operates by sucking up the BlueE900 emulsion, which in return pressurizes the machine and allows it to spray with a remarkable pressure of between 12-15 Bar (174-217 PSI)

A timer is installed in the B1 Airless Spray Machine’s casing which serves as a safety precaution. The timer will cut the power every 3-5 minutes to prevent the pump from over-heating and burning out in case the B1 Airless Spray Machine runs dry due to an empty emulsion container.